RIP Teddy

Speaking as a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I had an opportunity in 2006 to reelect Teddy K. for his eighth term in office, and I happily declined the offer. But, since moving here, I’ve secretly hoped that I would get a chance to meet him; there were a couple occasions were he made public appearances at Faneuil hall, but sadly my lunch breaks were too short, and I never even got a glimpse of the man. Even while being well into his seventies his shadow could be felt in the city- when he came down with cancer, I lost track of all of the businesses that posted his picture on the wall. And, now as I type, his legacy lives on, the state legislature is debating the idea of repelling the succession law that requires a special election to be held no less than 160 days after a spot is vacant in the senate (a law he specifically endorsed in ’04) to allow Governor Patrick the ability to appoint someone until the next election. Ah, Massachusetts democracy at work.

Either or, RIP Teddy- you were probably one of the only individuals in the Senate worthy of being called Great.


About bryanaens

I'm a recent college graduate. I studied English and journalism. I live in a nice suburb of Boston with my wonderful wife. I'm an avid reader and movie geek. I'm constantly on the lookout for new opportunities.
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